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Welcome to Sunshine Kitty Katz
   ...home of Just The Kitty For You!

My sister and I have a small cattery in western Pa. We have both retired from our careers of Registered Nurses. We have dedicated our lives to taking care of seriously ill patients and now we are enjoying raising little baby kittens and taking care of them. We live in a large country farm house with lots of room for our cat and kitten family to play and explore in. We do not believe in caging our cats. This gives our kittens time to adjust to living with a family and learning how to adapt to other animals and children. 

Our cattery is CFA and TICA registered and our kittens are also registered with CFA and TICA.

In Oct. 2011 , we are proud to announce that our cattery has earned “ A Cattery of Excellence” Award from the Cat Fancier Assoc. You can be assured when you buy one of our kittens that it was raised in an environment that meets all the rules and regulations of the CFA organization.

We breed beautiful Sphynx kittens with large soulful eyes , gorgeous big ears, and smooth, soft, warm, suede bodies. They have a regal appearance with a sweet and friendly disposition. They are very social and affectionate. and most prefer humans to other animals. We also breed Devon Rex kittens. These little sweeties are adorable with their soft , curly and wavy fur, huge beautiful eyes, and large low set ears.

We love to have visitors and so do our cats/kittens. This gives the kittens a chance to meet new friends and they learn to interact and play with them. The kittens are well socialized when they go to their new homes. Many families like to come and visit and watch their kitten grow and develop. For the families that live to far away, I send pictures as often as I can.

The cats love to get involved with our everyday business. They watch TV with us, they especially like Judge Judy. I have even had them answer the phone or make a charge on our credit card machine. These little darlings are the sunshine of our lives. I never realized retirement could be so much fun. 

Due to the new USDA/APHIS rule, we will no longer be able to ship kittens but will discuss other solutions in getting your kitten to you.

Champion Uglee at a cat show